Shoot Automotive/Car Images
by Stephen J. Kristof
all rights reserved
So you just pulled into the driveway with your new wheels!  It's the car you've dreamed of owning for more than a few years and now it's yours.  Whether it's a high-end luxury sedan, a family-style minivan, a get-around-town economy model or a monster pick-up truck with 12 ton towing capacity, a new vehicle always feels great!

But what do you do years down the road when you know it's time to get out of what used to be your 'baby' and move into something new?  While it's easiest to do a trade-in at the dealership, a lot more people than you realize prefer to sell their vehicle on the open market.  The latter route definitely has its potential pitfalls and hassles, but many people swear by it because they would rather be in control of the process and they know that they can eventually get more cash than they could ever get by trading it in.

No matter what your position is right now, if you ever foray into that arena, you'll quickly realize that you need to take some photos that you can post on an online auction, in the local classifieds or in an automotive specialty magazine/website.  The key here is that you need to compose some really ATTRACTIVE images of your once-precious vehicle so that you can maximize its monetary return.  But how does one go about taking pictures of a car?

Well, first of all, if you do just that, don't even bother; you might as well take it straight to the dealership.  What's wrong with "taking pictures of a car"?  First of all,